Active Consciousness Content

Active Consciousness is now one of the most comprehensive and reader-friendly books on the subject of awakening humanity to new level of consciousness!

Unique in its breadth and accessibility -- Active Consciousness is a "one stop shop" for the educated reader who wants to learn more about spirituality. You might think of it as The Power of Now, The Holographic Universe, The Intention Experiment, In Search of the Miraculous, The Secret, and The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent all blended together in a very personal and accessible way. It will appeal to anyone -- even a skeptic -- who wants to learn more about spirituality, consciousness, and meditation and to develop the power of active consciousness for themself -- the ability to tap into the true inner Self and guide the trajectory of the world in which they live. Even an experienced meditator will discover many new ideas and concepts in Active Consciousness. The book includes:

  • A discussion of scientific studies of psychic phenomena, that helps the reader awaken to the possibility that there really is something more beyond our mechanistic and materialistic view of reality.

  • A model of how these phenomena might be operating based on an easy-to-understand yet scientifically-minded model of higher dimensions in space.

  • A discussion of esoteric systems of thought that provide another take on the same type of phenomena and information, including the ideas of Gurdjieff, Steiner, and Kabbalah.

  • A discussion of how this information relates to alternative energy-based medical systems like acupuncture, hands-on healing, and homeopathy.

  • An introduction to personal self-exploration, including meditative exercises and active consciousness experiments.

This broad spectrum of content is held together and made accessible through personal stories and anecdotes, coupled with a very conversational tone. Readers have found Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within to be a transformational experience. Let it transform your life!

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