Review of Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within

The following appeared in the June 2012 issue of LINKS, Volume 25 2/2012:

Peter Chappell

Amy L. Lansky is an American author, computer scientist, and homeopath, noted for having written Impossible Cure: the Promise of Homeopathy. At the core of Impossible Cure is the amazing story of her son’s cure from autism with homeopathy. Although Amy no longer practises as a homeopath, her new book Active Consciousness fits well into homeopathic thinking.

This is Amy's journey of life touching on many of the sources that are cutting edge today, as well as cutting edge for centuries. If you are new to the field of consciousness, then Amy's living story will take you through it, covering many rich sources, by extracting gems and moving on. For example she mentions Gurdjieff and the source, Abraham, Stuart Wilde and Eckhart Tolle, Lynn McTaggart, Goswami and many more. The content includes our false identity, Star Trek, UFOs, the field effect, our energising force and Harry Potter.

The advantage of this book is that it's not just one person's in depth idea, but an eclectic combination of ideas and exercises used to create a set of modern consciousness tools. The book's sets of exercises gives easy access to the inner meaning of her subject. The major idea is to examine consciousness in us and to become active in this realm. To develop awareness by observation, to build our awareness muscle, an essential means to awaken us from the sleep of humanity. It digs into our thoughts, feelings and sensations, as well as offering ways to find our inner qualities in the here and now, the zone of stillness and peace, and reliable, contented, lasting happiness.

Amy writes well. It's friendly, comprehensible and eminently practical. It's a unique journey, much like many homeopaths make in manifold ways. In this it's inspiring and confirming as well as enlightening of the possibilities life holds in these exciting times, and in the ways homeopathy can take you inwards.