Review of Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within

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Dr. Kenneth Silvestri

What is delightful about Amy Lansky’s new book is that she compiles and explains with clarity, the essence of what is now being called "Energy Psychology and Healing." Active Consciousness covers complex themes that were previously thought to be incredulous and on the edge. Recent works by authors such as Lynn McTaggart, who brings to light solid research on energy fields, and Bruce Lipton’s findings about the paramount importance of environmental factors on our evolving self and its untapped potential, have opened the door to practical and attainable advances in self development. Previous writings and narratives from all the major spiritual heritages have articulated the mystical interconnections to our reality as well as the healing legacies of many native indigenous cultures that have unfortunately been encapsulated as unfounded by westernizations’ linear minded framework. However now a tipping point is occurring that supports the paradigm of holistic meaning and unlimited human potential and Dr. Lansky’s book is definitely part of this movement.

She uses her own personal experiences and inquiries, from the impetus emanating during a Star Trek episode to the depth of scientific experiments and research-based provings of new possibilities to define reality. Drawing on the works of Rudolf Steiner, Carl Jung, Rupert Sheldrake, Gurdjieff and others, as well as contemporary research scientists, she explores her own personal transformation to create a means for others to do so. The book is written so as to have the reader share in the experience and shift to being in the present or “now” as her well founded explorations bring new insights to our personal development. The theme of how we are all connected, and need be at this point in our human evolution to literally save our world, is a thread that permeates Lansky’s ultimate message.

Using the sources mentioned above, and many others, she takes us on a journey to discover new dimensions of how reality is constructed and its relevance to our very evolution as a species. She illuminates the depth of how we communicate and construct our world-view and challenges the prevailing limitations imposed on us by cultural constraints and ego minded agendas. Within this explicative vision she invites us through simple and profound exercises, many of which are derived from her mentors Gary Sherman and Ellen Miller, to experience for ourselves the implications of her points of interest. The many mysteries that we encounter are brought to light as being fully credible, be it the gift of homeopathy - which she explains in clear detail - or the paranormal means of communication that we have all witnessed yet may have been leery to share with others.

The insights into quantum physics and biology are not only mind-opening but useful in looking at emotional and physical development. The book is full of positive energy, encouraging the reader to use attainable affirmations and a practice of gratitude to push the envelope to achieve the loving self that we are all capable of being. It is without a doubt a must read by anyone contemplating how to make their life work in a more meaningful manner with confidence, not only for one’s self but for all of us in this very interconnected reality that we share.

Dr. Kenneth Silvestri is a psychotherapist and certified classical homeopath (CCH). He is in private practice (Montclair, N.J. and Nyack, N.Y.) and offers a unique integrative and mindful approach to improving one’s immune system by resolving emotional and physical problems. His doctorate is in anthropology and psychology from Columbia University. Dr. Silvestri has published over sixty articles and conducted hundreds of workshops in the area of interpersonal communication, forgiveness, stress management, homeopathy and is currently working on a book about navigating the paradoxes of life. He is also an active black belt student of Aikido, a martial art based on peace and harmony. Contact and information can be found at: